Alberto Michelotti and Carlo Grisolia
were from Genoa, Italy. They shared a friendship that was open to others and nourished on Gospel ideals of universal brotherhood and a united world.

The encounter

At a certain point in Alberto and Carlo’s life there is the encounter with God-Love that captivated them completely.

Carlo in a poetic way, and Alberto in a more pragmatic way.

carlo scontorno 100 copyCARLO

Who are you? Who are You?
- I’m the breath of life/that lives in the sun every morning.
- I’m the feeling/and the colors of the flowers.
- I’m your thought/that searche for happiness.
- I’m the wind (and the stories in the wind)/that dive into the ocean.
- I’m the world (or heaven)/lit in its reality.
- I’m your walking, yesterday, today, tomorrow.
- I’m your gaze/that escapes in the green of a valley.
- I’m the weight of a mountain/that a cry (or the heart) has moved.
- I’m the ray of sunlight/filterend in the cloud.
- I’m the path/of your freedom.
- I’m the fire that still plays/between what is hatred and love (il falso e la verità).
Who am I?/I’m as you think of me,/I’m an infiniteness in front of you.

[From a poem composed by Carlo for a musical]

alberto scontorno 100 copyALBERTO

"My life is slowly changing: There’s Someone becoming more and more a part of my day. It’s Jesus. Some days I run all over the city: The last Mass of the day will be happening in some church. That’s where  I can meet with “Him” in the Eucharist. To make it there, I leave the university early, hop on one bus or another and then I think: “Alberto, one month ago you wouldn’t do these things for anyone, not even your girlfriend."

[From a text written for the 1980 Genfest]



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