Alberto Michelotti and Carlo Grisolia
were from Genoa, Italy. They shared a friendship that was open to others and nourished on Gospel ideals of universal brotherhood and a united world.



Carlo knew how to nurture friendships even through difficult moments. During the military he writes to a friend, Vittorio, who was doing military service at the same time.

Dear Vittorio,
Have you found someone with whom to share this meager life? Because I don’t think that life in the barracks is different from civilian life. One thing stays the same: You’re alone.
And whereas before you had friends, the family and your own little world, now you find yourself without defenses and help in front of a world that knows only how to be overbearing and violent; a totally different world from a Mariapolis or a Genfest. Me too. Like you, I don’t feel so comfortable – just like all those who don’t like the military. But it’s precisely for this reason that you need to fight, you need to hold on because, otherwise, this world will never change. And to do that you also need to sweat a lot.

I say goodbye for now and don’t forget that I’m always with you.

Carlo wrote this letter using a module for telegraphic messages from the transmission centre [where he was doing his military service]; On the front of the form, in the space reserved for radio operators, he added:

The transmission line used in this document is J.I.M. (Jesus in our midst, Mt. 18:20) in hopes that the receiver will always be tuned in to it.

[Letter from Carlo to Vittorio, 1980]


alberto scontorno 100 copyALBERTO

There are many notes, cards and letters left to us by Alberto that testify to his way of understanding friendship.

Hi Fons,

I thought I’d leave you this note, so we can begin the day together. I ask your forgiveness for all the times when I wasn’t capable of entering in your heart. Sometimes I feel empty. And forgive me for these emptinesses that then don’t give anything to you.

I wish you well, Fons, but feel that the only way is to suffer for you.
I live all of today’s difficulties and sufferings for you.

Bye, Fons, good luck for today, for the bus ride, for the doorman at your builiding, the little white and focaccia during break, for the.....

[In this region of Italy, have a small glass of wine, a (small white) and a snack.]

Bye, Fons, love you, bro’! ,


[Letter to Antonio Topi, known as Fons, 1980]


On his birthday on August 14th Alberto wrote a card to his friends with a simple “THANKS!” He did the same on his last birthday and his card reached Carlo who was already in hospital]
How nice it feels to far from certain types.
Best wishes for everything, Alberto

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