Alberto Michelotti and Carlo Grisolia
were from Genoa, Italy. They shared a friendship that was open to others and nourished on Gospel ideals of universal brotherhood and a united world.

Alberto, Carlo and their friends lived at a time when there was no internet and iphones, but they had a great desire to communicate with each other! With letters, messages and little notes left on the seat of the motorbike. When they wrote they shared their whole life, even the deepest experiences.

Below is the famous letter that Alberto wrote to Carlo in the beautiful church of San Siro of Struppa, Genoa (IT). It encapsulates the the essense of the communication between the two boys.

alberto scontorno 100 copyFrom a letter of Alberto

Hi Carlo,
I’m in this beautiful church of Saint Siro.
I’m alone and can hear the rain sweetly falling on the roof.
I came by here to place in His Heart the infinity of things that I don’t know how to do, that perhaps I only ruin.
Among the many things these days there’s you and your girlfriend.
In this silence so beautiful He’s answering me that we can’t stop. Love, love everyone, break our heart so that real love can flow from them.
In know, I know my weaknesses and yours. Maybe today we’ll fall with purity, but He asks me. asks you, to continue loving.
ILast night, a girl made me understand that if I wanted to, I could go to be with her.
It’s there that you understand you freedom, that freedom that no one knows.
Carlo, help me always to live my freedom. .
I’m ready to give my life for you,  

[Genoa Italy, Church of  S.Siro of Struppa-march’80]

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