Alberto Michelotti and Carlo Grisolia
were from Genoa, Italy. They shared a friendship that was open to others and nourished on Gospel ideals of universal brotherhood and a united world.

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Could a musical be made about Alberto and Carlo’s story?

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E.  Carlo and Alberto were as sudden and unexpected as two bolts of lightening from out of the blue. They were as dazzling and unsettling for me as I think they were for the people who knew them personally. Like two strikes of lightening in a clear blue sky whose disappearance leads to impatient expectation of a storm – just so, after the coming of Carlo and Alberto, something important and powerful as a storm was unleashed, a storm that sooner or later sweeps away the people standing around and fearfully hiding from things, even the most beautiful things.

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Musical  about Alberto and Carlo
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Lord, Jesus, crucified and forsaken who in the mystery of your life, death and resurrection have manifested your infinite love for us, we pray that you grant us to follow the example of Alberto and Carlo by growing in friendship with You and each other until we reach the fullness of the Christian life. Through their intercession, we ask you to grant what we ask. (Here mention your petition.) Amen.

Genoa, November 25, 2005
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone
Archbishop of Genoa

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