Alberto Michelotti and Carlo Grisolia
were from Genoa, Italy. They shared a friendship that was open to others and nourished on Gospel ideals of universal brotherhood and a united world.

    Alberto Michelotti & Carlo Grisolia Committee

The many friends of Alberto and Carlo watched with amazement as the fame of their friends’ Gospel lifestyle began to spread within days of their deaths. These friends continued through the 1980s and beyond to keep the boys’ anniversary and memory alive. They made regular visits to the Vallone Di Lourusa where Alberto had fallen, and to the ancient San Siro Abbey where Carlo Grisolia rests in the cemetery.

Twenty years later, in November 2000, this loyal group of friends wished to remember them at a specially designed gathering for all the old friends at the Val Bisagno Hall, several of whom had moved to other cities. Their remiscences about Alberto and Carlo recreated that atmosphere of Christian heroism and giving-to- others that had so deeply charachterized the exemplary life of Carlo and Alberto in the 1980s. The group realized that their relationship with Alberto and Carlo has continued strong until now, and now they’re alive in the hearts and minds of many others that have come to know them.

People who weren’t even born yet in 1980 want to know about them and there are more and more requests for gatherings in which their story can be told.
We decided to organize. On March 18, 2002 we began the Alberto Michelotti & Carlo Grisolia Committee.
We decided to organize. On March 18, 2002 we began the Alberto Michelotti & Carlo Grisolia Committee. The members are relatives and friends: Paolo Puppo (president), Lucio Bardo (vice-president), Gabriele Fabbri, Paolo Grisolia, Luigi Malatesta, Paolo Michelotti and Orietta Tavaglione. Over the years others have been added: Father Tommaso Danovaro, Bruno Dapino, Titti Grisolia and Mariangela Malatesta.

From the first days, following the deaths of Alberto and Carlo everyone agreed that none of their letters, writings, notes, poems, songs or photos should be lost. The Committee catalogs and archves such materials. At the local Holiness and Territory Meeting held on June 18, 2004, Cardinal Bertone, at the request of the Bishop of Chiavari, cited the radical Gospel life that Alberto and Carlo lived. Then he read a few of their writings as examples of that witness.

On July 1, 2005 the Committee asked Cardinal Bertone to introduce the Cause of Beatification, and from that day on it has continued to collect everything that Alberto and Carlo are still doing even now. News is continually being received by the concerning graces, conversions and miracles attributed to the intercession of Alberto and Carlo and these claims have to be documented. The Committee offers its full support to all efforts at spreading Alberto and Carlo’s fame of holiness. It does this in various ways such as the documentary film by Mario Ponta, the book by Michele Zanzucchi, or the collaborative effort with Gen Rosso and its musical “Strong Without Violence” and its workshops on non-violence that have reached hundreds of youth. There are also programmes for parish groups and associations.

The Committee is not for profit and is supported by free donations.

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